Odd search keywords provide a good laugh

Posted November 3, 2011 by Wendy Wright in Life

After a solid month of writing 31 Days to Feeling Loved I thought it would be nice to enjoy a laugh or two. Here is a list of recent top search keywords that brought people to visit Choosing Love. These caught my eye and are shown exactly as written.  Be sure to go all the way to the end for my favorite one of all. Enjoy!

Flip flops humiliation.
Hmm… got me on that one. Sure my boys decorated their flip flops with bling but they had no humiliation or shame. They proudly wore their creations.

People with feathers in their hair
I had feathers. One time. For three days. Don’t judge me.

First day of kindergarten treat
My chosen treat is Starbucks. I celebrate the first day of kindergarten, figuring out how to turn on the oven, cleaning the kitchen floor… Any reason is a good reason to go to Starbucks.

Spa day invitation
That one stumps me. I have been to the spa exactly twice in my life. If you are wishing to extend an invitation to go to a spa, please contact me. You will be my bff and get your own page on my blog. Well maybe not, but spa and invitation are nice words to hear, right along with gift certificate.

Boys and barbies
Apparently I am not the only mother whose sons like to play with Barbies. Go figure.

Ugly 1 piece outfit
Seriously? I do not participate in What I Wore Wednesday because I rarely, if ever, look cute. You just don’t have to call it ugly.

Sewing cowboy hat step by step
I want to meet whoever is trying to do this. Both of you. You just might be my hero. I don’t sew. I don’t wear a cowboy hat since I am a city girl but I would love to move to the country and wear a cowboy hat all day since I would never have to do my hair again. I don’t know how to do the two step, but when I was younger I cut up a lot of rugs with my childhood best friend thinking we were the best dancers on Earth.

Sweet girl hold Canon
Aww! To be called a girl again just makes my heart go pitter patter. Yes, I took my picture holding my Canon camera but I have no idea where the sweet part comes in.

Cute describing words to describe your boyfriend
I am married. Have been for awhile. I do NOT have a boyfriend, although I had a few when I was younger. But I digress…

Ominous robe
Sure I took a seriously ugly robe and tried to transform it into something magical that ended up even uglier. But ominous? Really? Was it that bad? Hey! Maybe that’s where the ugly 1 piece outfit search came from.

Moms that like to have fun for the night
Um…I host Mom’s Nite Out events. I sure hope that is what you were looking for because if not, then you are at the wrong type of site. Wish those ones did not exist. Which brings me to…

Crazy stuff to do to someone you love
Not that kind of website.

Son shoe shopping big feet
I hear you on that one. Times two. Much sympathy for you. I fear every shopping trip will end up in the shoe department.

Correct way to hold fabric scissors while walking
Is there a correct way? If there are special rules with fabric scissors then I have totally missed the boat on that one. This is not a craft blog. I wrote a handful of items related to crafts, which makes me admire craft blogs even more.

Hot ladies holding a Canon
Sorry. Wrong blog author. That statement only applies during the summer months. That is when I am hot. Truly hot. I live in Arizona. It’s a dry heat.

Horror logo
While I do design logos, I personally do not think any of them cause horror to anyone else. We do have our own taste and preferences.

And now without further ado the wackiest keyword search of all is…

In love with my mother-in-law
It’s okay to love your mother-in-law but it is never okay to be IN love with your mother-in-law.


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