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Posted June 3, 2011 by Wendy Wright in Reviews

Defiants party pack for 11 children including the Collision Rally Set, Terrain Pax Set, Full Bore Brawl and Fall Set, Maximum Mayhem Set, and 4x4 trucks for 11 children

The soft knock did not give any indication of the massive box just placed on my doorstep by FedEx. This time I expected the package and was able to include my son in the excitement. He managed to bring it in the house all by himself, but barely. The audible gasp when he opened the box was priceless.

There before his very eyes was what must have seemed to a seven year old boy to be half of the car and truck aisle from Toys R Us.

“Awesome” was the word of the day. No telling if “gnarly” will come next.

Defiants may seem like just another car or truck most mothers of boys already seem to own, but they are not.

The hot new toy already hit the Phoenix market and is in stores now at Toys R Us, Target, and Wal-Mart even though they are not currently found in online stores. The 4×4 trucks run on AAA batteries and race around the track. Thankfully the batteries are already included on trucks purchased individually.

A recommendation from this mother is that the parents open the packaging of the trucks to make sure the try me button that looks like a turkey pop up timer goes directly in the garbage instead of another child’s eye. Not that your child would do that. Just my children. I digress…

Defiants party pack with the Collision Rally, Terrain Pax, Full Bore Brawl and Fall, Maximum Mayhem Set, and 4x4 trucks for 11 children

I am not a fan of toys that just allow children to watch passively as interaction and imagination are two big requirements for our household followed by educational. The first few minutes I thought this was just another passive toy but it is not.  The track the trucks ride on is completely customizable. We even enjoyed a little lesson in ninety degree angles, a term never heard before by my boys but is contained within the directions.

Dinosaurs + Trucks + Batteries = All boy, at least for our family.

The directions were clear, but a tad small. Maybe I am just getting older and could not find the letters to mark the different pieces. We did set up the track exactly as the directions say but I am one hundred percent sure it will not stay that way for very long.

My seven year old likes to move things around and try out new features, so this is perfect for expressing his engineering side.

Defiants party pack with the Collision Rally, Terrain Pax, Full Bore Brawl and Fall, Maximum Mayhem Set, and 4x4 trucks for 11 children

Collision Rally Set

This set was a hit from the moment we caught our first glance. A dinosaur skeleton is in embedded in the track. It comes with two vehicles and we love the ability to change the tracks.  It can be built any way you like and rebuilt over and over. This set is easy to put together for most of the pieces, as they attach together well. Think Thomas the Train track sets and you get a good idea. The hard part are the pieces that create the bridge. They come apart easily and could be frustrating to children under six years old. The track can completely be used without them so that is no big deal and is in fact part of their design so the FlexTerrain system can work well.

Terrain Pax Set

My favorite set out of all. It is little and only has a few pieces, which are not overwhelming to little ones. Easy to assemble and it creates a great place for a truck to go in, run around in a circle, and then come out. A great basic way to get started, or add to the set above for even more fun.

Full Bore Brawl and Fall Set

Totally and completely the favorite of both boys. They laughed and laughed how it moved up and down. Running two trucks from opposite directions yielded hilarious results. I can still hear the laughter after they have gone to bed.

Maximum Mayhem Set

Huge. Definitely HUGE. I like to call it the big monster. Easy to put together and yielded a lot of fun. A creative way to have a race that ensures both trucks have a fair start, with a go button. The ramp at the end provides a fun way to learn how the angle of the ramp changes the ability of the truck to launch across other toys. It won’t be long before Mickey Mouse, Buzz Lightyear and the rest of the Disneyland characters will be lined up ready to have a 4×4 truck zoom over their heads as the crowd goes wild!

Defiants party pack with the Collision Rally, Terrain Pax, Full Bore Brawl and Fall, Maximum Mayhem Set, and 4x4 trucks for 11 children

The first attempt to launch a truck down the ramp resulted in a catastrophic crash. The truck hit the wall of the house and the front grill came off.  My five year old son was terrified his vehicle was broken right after receiving it. A little TLC from Mommy and a little pointer on it resulted in a truck completely fixed and ready to race again. My seven year old realized he could choose to take off the front grill and totally loved that.

The best part is that the FlexTerrain system has not even been fully tested out yet. I like to let the boys play with the toys first and discover as much as they can without much direction.

Self discovery is key and a character trait we are trying to instill in them while they are young.

Looks like tomorrow they will be rearranging the track all over again after they learn more about the flex system. That is of course, unless my husband and I sneak in while they are asleep and play with the trucks without them knowing. Chances are good they will catch us in the act!

Defiants party pack with the Collision Rally, Terrain Pax, Full Bore Brawl and Fall, Maximum Mayhem Set, and 4x4 trucks for 11 children

My husband has taken an interest in Defiants because it reminds him of his childhood and playing with Stomper 4×4’s from the 80’s.

Defiance is one struggle in motherhood I would rather live without but Defiants 4×4 trucks are most welcome in our house.

UPDATE: Rechargeable batteries are recommended since they can go through a set a day.

Thank you Defiants for providing the party kit for my son and 10 of his friends. Party kit consisted of Maximum Mayhem Set, Full Bore Brawl and Fall Set, Terrain Pax Set (2 sets), Collision Rally Set, plus 11 4×4 trucks. All photos and opinions are mine.


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